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Environmental policy

Here at queen bee we are committed to reducing our environmental impact; in order achieve this we will endeavour to recycle things such as -plastic, cardboard, cans, paper and magazines, glass bottles and jars, foil trays etc.

We use local produce where possible to reduce millage and the limited food waste that we have is composted and then used in our vegetable garden where we grow some of our fruit and veg.

We use energy saving light bulbs throughout the property.

We also encourage our guests to be mindful of our enviroment -we suggest they place used towels in the shower tray only if they want them replaced with fresh ones …which will save on energy as well as washing products if they don’t require changing. We reduce energy usage by encouraging the turning off electrical equipment including TVs left on standby when not in use also by unplugging mobile phone chargers when not in use as well as turning off lights when leaving the room.

All bedrooms and bathrooms are fitted with radiators that have thermostatic valves that can be adjusted to suit each guest therefore saving energy.


Cancellation Policy

Cancelations with more than 48 hours notice is refundale. Cancellations within 48 hours will be charged for the first nights stay.


Damages Policy

Any damages done to any Queen Bee & B property by guests or persons visiting or staying with guests will be the responsibility of the person who made the reservation, and by your confirmation of the receipt of e-mail from Queen Bee & B, you agree to make restitution for such damage.



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